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LECTURE 11 (12/8/18): Alternative Energy Sources &

Geo-engineering Solutions

• Update on COP-24 in Katowice, Poland

• Projection rates for reducing atmospheric CO2

•  IPCC and recent National Climate Assessments summaries

• Residential and grid-scale solar options

• Both solar and wind farms growing rapidly (U.S. & global)

• Electricity storage options

• Going electric/hybrid: cars, trucks, tanks, ferries, battle ships, etc

• Geo-engineering options: crazy to practical...?

• Options: ocean iron fertilization, biochar

• We must ALSO remove CO2 from the atmosphere!

• What can YOU do? Keep educated, educate others, VOTE!

LINK to Lecture 11A Video - First Half

LINK to Lecture 11B Video - Second Half

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